Tuning USA Webinar

“Tune In” to Tuning USA and IEBC experts in the field to learn how this vital strategy has tremendous potential to improve the quality of higher education in the United States.  Brought to the U.S. by Lumina Foundation, and facilitated by IEBC, Tuning is addressing vexing challenges in higher education.  This IEBC webinar is hosted by NILOA.

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Montana Tuning Process Moves Forward

The IEBC team is meeting periodically with state-wide faculty participants to continue the work on tuning Business Administration across all colleges and universities in Montana.

National Communications Association

The National Communications Association’s first faculty-led training and planning meetings took place earlier this year followed by the IEBC Team meeting with the entire Tuning faculty group in March.  David Marshall, Tuning USA Associate Director, met with them in Chicago to begin their Tuning work.

Elsewhere around the country

Jordan Horowitz, IEBC Vice President, Foundation Relations and Project Development has been in Washington, D.C., working on the European/USA Tuning Evaluation.

Praise for AHA Tuning project:

From the History News Network comes high praise for the American Historical Association Tuning project managed by IEBC:  The response to the Tuning Project has been extraordinary, Teaching Division lead Elaine Carey reported, with widespread interest in the project not just from historians, but also administrators, local community leaders, and businesspeople…

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Tuning is a faculty-driven process that identifies what a student should know and be able to do in a chosen discipline when a degree has been earned - an associate, bachelor’s or master’s. The process is designed to make higher education outcomes more transparent to all stakeholders, including students, employers, and parents, and to ensure the quality of degrees across institutions.
The Institute for Evidence-Based Change (IEBC) is facilitating implementation of the Tuning process in the U.S., funded by Lumina Foundation.  As part of its assistance, IEBC is offering a free, one-hour Tuning USA webinar, hosted by National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment (NILOA) and supported by Lumina Foundation.  Read more here.