National Advisory Board tackled the work

Board members reviewed programs, highlighted challenges and successes and shared the growing benefits of the Tuning work.

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The College Completion Agenda & Tuning

“The College Completion Agenda: Practical Approaches for Reaching the Big Goal: New Directions for Community Colleges” has been released by Jossey Bass – A Wiley Brand.  Edited by Brad Phillips, President/CEO of the Institute for Evidence-Based Change (IEBC) and Jordan Horowitz, IEBC Vice President, New Directions includes chapters on Tuning, data use, working across the segments and more.”

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AHA Tuning Team plans future

David Marshall, Associate Director, Tuning USA, participated in the American Historical Association (AHA) Tuning project team meeting in Oregon where they convened during the annual meeting of the Pacific Coast Branch of the AHA. Discussions focused on expanding to include a significant increase in new faculty involvement.

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Brad Phillips in Forbes magazine “Doing Right By Veterans…”

Phillips offers his opinion regarding the largest influx of veterans since the end of World War II returning to the workforce and college in the next several years.  The op-ed discusses opportunities they should have to connect their military experience to advancing their education.

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Tuning USA Webinar – More background now available

"Tuning USA: Meeting the Challenges of U.S. Higher Education" expanded presentation now available on the Webinars page under the "News & Events" tab.

Listen to the Webinar and View the Slides
Tuning is a faculty-driven process that identifies what a student should know and be able to do in a chosen discipline when a degree has been earned - an associate, bachelor’s or master’s. The process is designed to make higher education outcomes more transparent to all stakeholders, including students, employers, and parents, and to ensure the quality of degrees across institutions.

The Institute for Evidence-Based Change (IEBC) with generous funding from Lumina Foundation, is facilitating implementation of the Tuning process in the U.S.